Senior Field Applications Engineer

Title: Senior Field Applications Engineer
Location: CA – San Francisco
Job Type: Full Time

Job Summary:

The Senior Field Applications Engineer at Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. in San Francisco, CA will direct and coordinate improvements of Penn Engineering’s products to aid in the development of specialty fastener products. He or she will utilize mechanical engineering knowledge to develop, plan, and modify product configurations, as well as support customized mechanical hardware products to meet technical specifications and quality standards for original equipment manufacturer based primarily in the San Francisco, CA and San Jose, CA area. He or she will also support the installation and use of PEM® and microPEM® products, as well as prepare and deliver technical instruction and provide engineering expertise. He or she will utilize engineering expertise in metal forming and cutting, as well as plastic molding and assembly. He or she will ensure quality levels and industry standards are maintained and improved in the manufacturing process of keyboards, micro switches, and other electromechanical miniature assemblies. He or she will also provide advanced design and applications engineering support of PEM® and microPEM® products and fastener applications, as well as evaluate Penn Engineering’s products to determine their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Additionally, he or she will serve as a liaison and respond to proposals for specific requirements, including requests for industry-specific solutions. He or she will develop accurate cost estimates for the quotation of special fastener products. He or she will also apply advanced knowledge of mechanical engineering principles to evaluate Penn Engineering’s New Product Development team regarding design modifications, technical specifications and technical documentation utilized in the engineering process. He or she will propose new and innovative PEM® product concepts and fastener applications, and evaluate/make recommendations to improve PEM® and microPEM® product design, PEMSERTER® installation tool products, manufacturing processes, and performance.

Education / Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, or a related field and five (5) years of progressively responsible engineering experience with fastening systems and products. The five (5) years of progressive engineering experience with fastening systems and products must include at least five (5) years of experience in: (i) designing fastening systems and products including clinch/press-in fasteners, rivets, rivnuts, internally and externally threaded fasteners, for utilization in mechatronic applications; (ii) providing technical and design guidance for fastening technologies and new product development initiatives; (iii) design automation for insertion equipment and installation tool products; (iv) performing fastener rationalization, communization, and standardization studies to develop unique fastening solutions; and (v) serving as a liaison between original equipment manufacturer clients and mechanical hardware sales, marketing, and engineering departments. He or she will occasionally travel to San Francisco, CA and San Jose, CA area to perform the aforementioned job duties. When the employee is not traveling, the employee may work from home as long as they reside within the San Francisco, CA or San Jose, CA area.

Interested candidates should submit a resume.. EOE M/F.

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