ACER Swift 7 Teardown Summary

The Acer Swift 7 computer is a intelligently designed device with reparability in mind. A lot of screws were discovered in the assembly, most of them received into tapped holes in the metal casing. Various screws in the assembly can be replaced with TackPins, TackSerts, Snap in Fasteners, or microPEM® screws. The hinge pin can be replace with a direct solution provided by PEM.
– Below are certain alternatives featuring several PEM® fasteners that can help achieve better functionality and cost savings:

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
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microPEM® Screws

A microPEM® screw can be offered for this assembly. This would be a direct fit, non-permanent solution.

MPP™ Self-Clinching microPEM® Locating Pin Pin

A microPEM® Self-Clinching Locating Pin (MPP™) can be offered for this assembly on the copper plate. This would be a direct fit replacement.

MSO4™ Self-Clinching microPEM® Standoffs

The standoffs on the copper plate can also be replaced by MSO4 micro standoffs with the potential to provide higher performance and reduced costs.

TackPin® Fasteners

The regular screws that hold the keyboard on the main chassis often generate costly tapping, cross-threading; torque control and vibration back out.
As an improvement they can be replaced with TackPin fasteners that provide higher performance in terms of pull out strength, less weight,
smaller head footprint and of course cost savings.

TackScrew™ Fasteners

Standardizing on screw type and length should be immensely helpful in reducing costs.
TackScrew™ fasteners can replace a big number of regular screws in the keyboard assembly.
TackScrew™ fasteners enable cost effective sheet-to-sheet attachment by simply pressing into place.

TackSert Pin®

The TackSert® Pins eliminate the need for loose hardware (screws and tapped holes) as well as the need for pressed-in inserts.
They provide a permanent solution, while installing with a quick and simple pressing action.

Concealed Head TackSert® Pin

The Concealed Head TackSert ® pin can replace a threaded hole and screw, thus eliminating the need for loose hardware,
while providing a permanent solution. The Concealed Head TackSert ® pin also eliminates the need for tapped holes, or mating clinch hardware.

TackSert® Pin Head

The TackSert ® pin head can replace machined alignment pins, thus eliminating extra machine time, while providing a permanent solution.
The bottom knurled portion may be replaced with a TackPin® style if desired.

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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