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Alienware 13″ Teardown Summary

The AlienWare 13” laptop is assembled together in a simple way with a low variability of fasteners (screws, inserts for plastics, hot melts).
– PennEngineering may provide all of the fasteners (internally and externally threaded fasteners) found in the AlienWare 13” at a competitive price, always at the market highest quality.
– PEM TackSert® Fasteners are found to present a great alternative option to lots of current assembly options, with the following advantages in mind:
a) Cost : 1-piece assembly instead of 2.
b) Eliminate the need of tapping holes in plastic or die cast materials, and thus eliminate the risks associated with this process.
c) Improve appearance.

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
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TackSert® Fasteners

With the use of TackSert® pins in a wide range of plastics we can eliminate
adhesives and thus eliminate the need of adhesives’ curing process and time.

TackSert® Fasteners

TackSert® fasteners can be used to replace hot melts thus providing a much
stronger assembly with smaller mounting holes (Currently big oval holes). This
replacement would lead to a much cleaner installation with additional cosmetic advantages.


TackSert® Fasteners

With the TackSert® assembly, costs can be decreased using a one piece fastener instead
of two (screw and plastic insert). TackSert® fasteners can also be used in cast material (Magnesium).

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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