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Amazon Fire Phone Teardown Summary

PennEngineering can help make the Amazon Fire phone more competitive by employong both standard solutions and solutions unique to this phone.
– There is potential cost savings from hardware reduction in the monitor attachment as well as the opportunity to take advantage of additional space that is created, to add more distinguishing features to the phone.
– Cost reduction can be realized by using the forged coupling screw that has been developed by PennEngineering® for this same application.
– The possibilities created from a unique attachment such as the right angle fasteners soldered directly to the glass of the monitor would both streamline manufacturing and set the Fire phone apart with this solution.
– The use of PEM® hardware for surface mount, clinching standoffs, and inserts for plastic may provide savings worth considering. – Some snap features can be replaced with the TackSert®.

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
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MicroPEM® Screws

PennEngineering® makes a forged version (right) of the coupling screw shown
to the left. While the appearance is different, testing has shown that it functions
identically to the machined version for significant cost savings (MicroPEM® Screws).

MicroPEM® Standoffs

As an alternative to laser welded fasteners, PennEngineering® offers a line
of micro clinching standoffs. The MSO4’s shown to the right could be used
without the extra operation of laser welding.

PEM® Fasteners
Other parts such as surface mount hardware and inserts for plastics can be replaced by higher quality and functionality PEM® fasteners.

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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