BQ Aquaris X Phone Teardown Summary

The BQ Aquaris X phone is a well-designed device manufactured and assembled with quality and high standards in mind.
Below are certain alternatives featuring several PEM® fasteners that can help achieve better functionality and cost savings.

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
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TackSert® Pin

The micro PEM® TackSert pin (TK™) is designed to be pressed into plastic or cast materials
and permanently join two (or more) components. Many screws could be replaced by TackSerts.
TackSert pins cost about as much as a screw, but as installed with a simple pressing motion that can represent
considerable cost savings during assembly. Additionally there is no need for a tapped hole which saves further cost.

TackScrew™ Fasteners

The micro PEM® TackScrew fastener (TS™) integrates proven self-clinching technology for permanent
sheet-to-sheet attachment while also incorporating a unique thread-like feature to allow fastener removal when necessary.
TackScrew fasteners can even be reinstalled one time if desired.

MSIA™ microPEM® Inserts For Plastic

The micro PEM® Threaded Inserts (MSIB™) are designed for use in straight or tapered holes.
Symmetrical design eliminates need for orientation. It can be installed by pressing into mounting hole with ultrasonic equipment.
It can also be installed using a thermal mounting press melting the plastic surrounding the insert.
The new MSIA series made of Aluminum alloy with different sizes and types offer a light weight, lead-free alternative.

MicroPEM® Screws

As an alternative approach, several micro screws can be replaced by PennEngineering® manufactured micro screws.
PEM has license with MicroStix®, Torx® and Torx Plus® driver and self-tapping thread patent as like TAPTITE®,
FASTITE®, REMFORM® and REMFORM F® with different design solutions.

SMTSO™ Surface Mount microPEM® Nut

The micro PEM® Standoff (SMTSO™) fasteners mount to PCBs in the same manner and at the same time
as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process.
The fasteners simply become another board component.

MSO4™ Self-Clinching microPEM® Standoffs

The micro PEM® Standoff (MSO4™) self-clinching standoff installs easily into thin metal host sheets by pressing
them into pre-punched and properly sized mounting holes. After installation, they become permanent parts of an assembly
and will not loosen or fall out. A mating screw completes component attachment.

MPP™ Self-Clinching microPEM® Locating Pin

The microPEM® self-clinching pins clinch permanently where designed into stainless or other metal sheets
as thin as 0.5mm / .020”.The chamfered end of the pin enables easy mating-hole alignment and the head
of the installed pin will be flush in the host sheet to present a smooth and clean appearance. They can be installed
automatically to streamline production and eliminate issues associated with handling of small parts.

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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