Company History

1942 K.A. Swanstrom, formerly president of Elastic Stop Nut Corporation, leaves company and establishes Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.
1943 K.A. Swanstrom obtains license from RCA for a new type of clinch nut, which was screw machined from square stock. Improving substantially on the original RCA patent, Penn Engineering develops its first product, the original “S” nut which was screw machined from round stock. Later that year, a cold-headed clinch nut was developed, and the “CL” type was born.
1952/53 Purchase of 15 acres in Danboro, PA for construction of 10,800 sq. ft. manufacturing plant.
1956 Company officially registers “PEM” and “Triangle” as trademarks, even though they were in use since 1946.
1967 PEMSERTER Series 1 press is introduced.
1970 Penn Engineering acquires Pittman Company of Sellersville, PA, a manufacturer of miniature dc motors. Expansion of Danboro facility continues.
1972/74 PEM International Ltd., a subsidiary of Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp., is established as a U.K. distributor in Doncaster, England.
1976 Pittman moves to new 30,000 sq. ft. facility in Harleysville, PA
1978 Major expansions take place at Danboro, Harleysville, and Winston-Salem plants.
1979 J.H. Foote, president since 1976, retires. Ken Swanstrom elected president.
1980 PEMSERTER Series III press is introduced.
Company manufactures six billionth PEM fastener.
1981 Plant II, a 45,000 sq. ft. facility completed in Danboro.
1982/83 Pittman introduces first line of brushless motors. Penn Engineering introduces microprocessor controlled PEMSERTER Series 100 press and manual Series 4 press. Engineering acquires CAD equipment.
1985 40,000 sq. ft. added to Plant II facility in Danboro.
1986 Standard Insert Co. acquired by Penn Engineering. Folded into a division in 1991.
1990 Company establishes its own export department to handle world marketing of PEM fasteners. PEM International Ltd. becomes the master distributor for Europe. Suffolk, VA plant comes on line.
1991 Connect’R WareTM fasteners introduced to the marketplace.

Growth of PEM fasteners, both domestically and overseas, continues at a prodigious pace.

1992 Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. celebrates its 50th anniversary.
1993 The Company mourns the passing of founder and Chairman, K.A. Swanstrom.

Additions to Suffolk and Danboro plants of 25,000 and 6,300 sq. ft. respectively are completed.

Ken Swanstrom is elected Chairman, CEO and President of the Company.

1995 The Company’s fastener and motor divisions are awarded ISO 9001 certification.

PEMSERTER Systems Division introduces the Series 2000 and PEMSERTER Plus presses.

1996 Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. joins the New York Stock Exchange.

The Danboro facility is expanded with completion of a 43,000 sq. ft. addition. Total manufacturing floor space now at 400,000 sq. ft.

A new sales operation, PEM International (S) Pte. Ltd. is established in Singapore.

1997 R’ANGLE right angle clinch fasteners are introduced.
1998 Martin Bidart is elected President/COO.

Ken Swanstrom remains Chairman and CEO.

Threaded R’ANGLE fasteners are introduced.

1999 The Fastener Division achieves QS-9000 status.

The Company purchases a 10 acre property with three 17,000 sq. ft. buildings not far from it’s Danboro headquarters. This purchase brings the Company’s total manufacturing space to approximately 500,000 sq. ft.

The Company acquires Micro-Assembly Systems Inc. of Willimantic, Conn. This adds the STICKSCREW fastening system to it’s product line.

The Company acquires R.C. Dudek & Company, a distributor of fasteners and related products. From this the Arconix Group is created as a worldwide distributor and inventory management service provider.

2000 Atlas Engineering is acquired. They manufacture metal tubular rivets with internal threads to provide strong threads in thin sheet-metal materials. These fasteners are designed for “blind” applications where only one side of the panel is accessible. The Company also sells installation tooling for its fasteners.

Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. adopts a new identity as PennEngineering. In addition, it reorganizes to create distinct operational units within it’s corporate structure. These units include, PEM Fastening Systems (which includes PEMSERTER products), Atlas Engineering, Pittman, and the Arconix Group.

2001 Precision Steel Holdings Limited of Galway, Ireland, a provider of turned screw machine parts is acquired. Now known as PEM® Fastening Systems Europe, this 55,000 square foot facility supplies screw machined products to a number of European customers in addition to both PEM Fastening Systems® in Danboro, PA USA and Arconix®/UK (also a PennEngineering® Company) in Doncaster, England . From this location, we can better serve our growing European customer base.
2002 PennEngineering’s® distribution business unit, Arconix Group®, a global distributor of component, hardware, and supply solutions, opens new facilities in Guadalajara, Mexico to serve Latin America. The facility offers 7,700 sq. ft. of general offices and warehouse space for its fastener products. Arconix Mexico is the flagship of Latin American operations.

PennEngineering’s® distribution business unit, Arconix Group®, a global distributor of component, hardware, and supply solutions, opens new facilities in Shanghai, China. Arconix Fastening and Distribution Shanghai Co. Ltd. is located in the Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai, China. Comprised of 8,000 sq. ft., the site includes sales offices, warehousing, tech centers with testing facilities, and a tool demo room.

2003 M.A.E. S.p.A. of Offanengo, Italy is acquired. Comprised of 120,000 sq. ft., M.A.E. is in the forefront of the electronically-controlled, precision electric motor field. M.A.E. will join PennEngineering Motion Technologies®, PennEngineering’s® motor division, expanding motion product offerings worlwide. M.A.E.’s stepper, brush, and brushless DC motors will be combined with Pittman LO-COG® brush-commutated and ELCOM® brushless DC motors to satisfy the most demanding applications.
2005 PennEngineering sold to current ownership.

PennEngineering acquires MRC China, a global manufacturer of fasteners for the automotive and industrial markets. Later MRC becomes PennEngineering Automotive Fasteners.

2006/2007 PennEngineering divests of Arconix and Pittman to focus on the global manufacture of fasteners.

PennEngineering officially opens new manufacturing plant in Kunshan China.

2010 Launched microPEM® product line.

2012 2012 marks PennEngineering’s 70th Anniversary of providing customers with quality, value added products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. For 70 years, we have continued to launch new and innovative products striving to be the leader in fastening solutions.
2013 Creation of pennTool Group™; expert at the design and manufacture of precision tooling for heading and screw machine operations. Utilizes their extensive knowledge to bring, quality cost effective tooling and machine part solutions to fastener and component manufacturers across various industries.
2014 PennEngineering® acquires PROFIL VerbindungstechnikV® (Friedrichsdofr, Germany). PROFIL continues to operate as a separate company under the PennEngineering corporate umbrella and the PROFIL brand of mechanical hardware will remain unaffected.
2016 Acquired by PennEngineering® in 2016, Heyco Products designs and manufactures molded wire protection products, plastic fasteners, molded components and stamped electrical components to meet the needs of industrial, medical, appliance, transportation, alternative energy, lighting, and aerospace companies.
2018 Acquired by PennEngineering® in 2018, Haeger Inc., is a manufacturer of self-clinching fastener insertion equipment.