Blu-Coat™ Thread Mask


Blu-Coat™ thread mask is available for applications where the hardware is installed prior to painting. During assembly, the threads of the mating hardware will remove paint, electrodeposited automotive under coatings, and weld spatter upon application of torque.

Use of such specially coated fasteners eliminates the usual need to mask threads manually prior to application of electrodeposited paints or primers. As a result, value-added production benefits and economies can be realized, since masking materials (such as tape, plugs, or plastic caps) and time-consuming masking-related tasks before and after paint operations become unnecessary.

Due to the lubricity, coated fasteners can further prove ideal where galling may be a concern, such as those applications where a stainless-steel nut must mate with a stainless screw.

All types of threaded fasteners can be treated with this optional coating, including externally and internally threaded types in sizes #6-32 and above. The coating preserves the integrity of fastener threads and will not adversely affect fastener plating.

Blu-Coat™ thread mask makes it easier to remove the paint when the mating fastener is applied. It takes a nominal amount of torque to strip the paint off during assembly, and some paint may remain on the threads.

“BC” suffix will be added to part number to designate Blu-Coat thread mask to fastener.
Service temperature range: -65 °F to +400 °F / -53.9 °C to 204.4 °C.

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