EJOT® PT® and Delta PT® Screws for Plastic Applications

EJOT PT® screws feature a high thread profile and recessed thread root providing increased thread engagement with minimal stress. The EJOT DELTA PT® has been especially developed for screw joints in thermoplastics. The thread geometry creates low surface pressure and provides a high clamp load of the joint. Excellent long-term performance is obtained under thermal and dynamic loads. The innovative geometry of the EJOT DELTA PT® screw results in a robust fastener which guarantees reliability even in complex designs and extreme applications.  Both families of screws ideally suit thermoplastic applications.

EJOT® offers a broad range of innovative fastening solutions for the automotive, telecommunications, and consumer electronics industries, among others.DELTA

The agreement allows PennEngineering to use EJOT® technical information, patent rights, and trademarks in connection with the manufacture and sale of PT® and Delta PT® screw products.