Licensed Technologies

PennEngineering® is a licensee of the following technologies:

Originally developed for the demands of the automotive industry, this patented design helps speed assembly and reduces or eliminates failures, repairs, scrap, downtime, and warranty service associated with thread damage. This unique anti cross-threading feature is offered on most PennEngineering externally threaded products including studs and panel fasteners. See more…

In an age of “light, thin, short, and small,” screws also must be smaller than ever. Industries are now even demanding screws in sizes measured in microns. To provide a valuable solution to such difficult demands, OSG Corporation has developed an ultra-small precision screw, the “Microstix®.” See more…

PT® / Delta PT® Screws
PT® screws feature a high thread profile and recessed thread root providing increased thread engagement with minimal stress. Delta PT® screws are engineered for maximized performance with an enhanced design creating a stronger joint and optimal material flow during installation. They further enable higher performance, better clamp loads, and increased joint life in service compared with standard screws for plastics. Both families of screws ideally suit thermoplastic applications. See more…

The REMFORM® screw is a thread-forming fastener with a unique thread form, specifically designed for today’s wide range of plastics. REMFORM® screws not only form well-developed threads in pliable material, but are also competent for demanding applications utilizing the latest tough engineering grades of plastics. See more…

TAPTITE® thread rolling screws roll form threads in plain cored, drilled, or punched holes upon assembly. Creating vibration resistant assemblies, eliminating the need to pre-tap internal threads in ductile materials such as steel, aluminum, zinc, etc., thus lowering the cost of assembly. See more…

The TORX® Drive System has become the world’s leading high-performance drive system for threaded assemblies in a broad range of applications and end-use markets. The TORX PLUS® Drive has consistently outperformed every other drive system. Its longer tool life and optimal torque transfer have enhanced product reliability, increased productivity and reduced total assembly costs on assembly lines in a multitude of industries around the world. See more…

PT®/Delta PT® are trademarks of EJOT®
MAThread® is a registered trademark of MAThread® Inc.
Micro® stix is a registered trademark of OSG Corporation and OSG System Products Co., Ltd.
REMFORM® is a registered trademark of REMINC®.
TAPTITE® is a registered trademark of REMINC®.
TORX®/TORX PLUS® are trademarks of Acument Global Technologies, Inc.