Packaging Identification Label

Understanding a PennEngineering® Packaging Identification Label

Packaging Label

Packaging identification label descriptions are as follows:

  • PART NUMBER (P) = PennEngineering part number
  • QUANTITY (Q) = Total quantity in the package
  • LBS PER 1000 (W) = The weight of 1000 pieces expressed in pounds
  • KG PER 1000 (K) = The weight of 1000 pieces expressed in kilograms
  • DATE CODE (C) = The Julian date when the parts were packed. The first number refers to the year – 18 = 2018, and the following 3 digits indicate the day of the year – 026 = January 26th, thus the parts were packed on 01/26/2018.
  • REFERENCE NUMBER (D) = The reference number is assigned to every product work order that is processed in our factories. Sometimes referred to as the “lot number,” it provides product traceability for all aspects of processing, including raw material, manufacturing, inspection, testing and any special requirements.
  • WAREHOUSE ID (L) = Not shown on all packaging. For internal company use only.
  • RoHS Compliant = Indicates status for meeting Restrictions of Hazardous Substances
  • PRODUCED IN USA BY PENNENGINEERING = Identifies where the parts were manufactured