RoHS General Statement

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Directive Compliance

May 2018

Are PennEngineering® fasteners RoHS compliant?

Our Commitment

PennEngineering currently has over 14,000 active fastener part numbers. The majority of these PennEngineering parts are compliant with European Directive (2002/95/EC) and RoHS II (2011/65/EU), (2015/863/EU) and also the current China RoHS requirements.
Neither Perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS) nor Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) are intentionally added to our parts (2006/122/EC).

We are committed to helping our customers select RoHS compliant products and offer this general statement regarding compliance of our fasteners to the RoHS directive. This information is intended to provide general guidance to customers to help them select compliant products. To check status of specific product types go to the Product Compliance Lookup. If compliance certification on specific part numbers is needed, we can supply such certification if a list of our part numbers is supplied. Submit your request to [email protected].

PEM® and SI® Products

  • All of our stainless steel products are compliant unless a non compliant finish is applied.
  • All of our aluminum products are RoHS compliant.
  • All of our steel products with zinc and clear chromate finish (-ZI finish suffix) are RoHS compliant. As of June 2002, hexavalent chrome is no longer used in our clear chromate finish.
  • All of our steel products with optional zinc and yellow plating (-ZC finish suffix) are RoHS compliant. As of March 1, 2006 hexavalent chrome is no longer used in this plating.
  • Brass and phosphor bronze product is RoHS compliant unless a non-compliant finish is applied. Our standard finish of electro-plated tin with preservative coating (-ET suffix) is RoHS compliant. Although some brass product, such as type KFB3 standoffs, are machined from leaded brass barstock, the Annex of the RoHS directive currently allows this application of lead up to a maximum of 4.0% by weight.
  • Cadmium plating may or may not be compliant depending on the end application. See FAQ on cadmium for further information. However, additional substances present with cadmium may be definitely non-compliant as stated below.
    • Locknut products with -EF, -F or -ZF finish contain cadmium and a lead compound and is not RoHS compliant because of the lead. All orders placed on or after October 1, 2005 for PEM types LAS, LAC, LK, LKS , FE and FEO will be entered with -MD as the standard finish unless otherwise specified. The -MD finish does not contain cadmium, lead or any other RoHS substance and is therefore RoHS compliant.
    • Any product with cadmium and clear chromate finish (-CI finish suffix) contains hexavalent chromium and therefore is not RoHS compliant.
    • Any product with cadmium and yellow chromate finish (-C finish suffix) contains hexavalent chromium and is not RoHS compliant.
  • Any product with electro-solder finish (-ES finish suffix) or hot solder dip (-HS finish suffix) contains lead in the finish. This application of lead is not RoHS compliant.

Atlas® Products

  • Check Product Compliance Lookup for status of Atlas Type products.

StickScrew® Products

  • Please direct questions concerning the compliant status of StickScrew products to the contact information below.

Regarding Future Compliance

We will continue to monitor RoHS directives as part of a continued effort to provide quality products that meet the requirements of the customers and markets that we serve.
PennEngineering’s standard terms and conditions apply to RoHS compliance and define PennEngineering’s obligations in the event any parts represented as compliant are disputed.


Any questions on RoHS can be directed to: [email protected]