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Tech Product Teardowns

  The PennEngineering® teardown process involves the careful documented disassembly of a current consumer product. All     products chosen for teardown are purchased through publicly accessible channels. Teardowns are performed by   PennEngineering technical personnel for the purpose of understanding current assembly trends and to identify possible   improvements using PennEngineering® fastener types or other methods. Observations, comments and recommendations are   based on the opinion of the technical expert conducting the teardown.

  In this brief video, our engineer presents such examples where certain current fastening solutions could be improved with the   use of TackSert® Pins, Snap-in™ Fasteers, or the TackSert® style Micro Button.

  • Acer Swift 7 Teardown Summary

The Acer Swift 7 computer is a intelligently designed device with reparability in mind. A lot of screws were discovered in the assembly, most of them received into tapped holes in the metal casing.
– Various screws in the assembly can be replaced with TackPins, TackSerts, Snap in Fasteners, or microPEM® screws.
– The hinge pin can be replace with a direct solution provided by PEM.
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  • Alienware 13″ Teardown Summary

The AlienWare 13” laptop is assembled together in a simple way with a low variability of fasteners (screws, inserts for plastics, hot melts).
– PennEngineering may provide all of the fasteners (internally and externally threaded fasteners) found in the AlienWare 13” at a competitive price, always at the market highest quality.
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  • BQ Aquaris X Phone Teardown Summary

The BQ Aquaris X phone is a well-designed device manufactured and assembled with quality and high standards in mind.
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  • Brydge Air Keyboard for iPad Air Teardown Summary

Through this teardown process, 19 pieces M2.5 screws and 7 pieces (aluminum alloy) M2.5 standoffs with metric profile thread were used for the assembly of the device. Additionally, eight integrated M2.5 internally threaded tapped holes and four extruded threaded holes are used in certain parts for fastening purposes. PennEngineering can make the device more competitive by employing both standard solutions and solutions uniquely modified for this keyboard.
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  • Cloud Nine Hair Straightener Teardown Summary

The Cloud Nine is a hair straightener device that utilizes mostly small size screws that go into plastic threaded holes. Most of the components of the Cloud Nine are straightforward enough to disassemble if required.
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  • Disney Magic Band Teardown Summary

The Disney Magic Band is a simple strap with a radio transmitter and RFID sensor. It uses two screws to secure a molded plastic compartment containing the PC board to the strap. Everything is made of plastic and snaps together tightly.
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  • Google Home Teardown Summary

The Google Home is almost entirely made of molded plastic parts. It utilizes molded bosses and alignment posts to fasten the device together. Since there will be essentially no loading on the device, strength of the fasteners is not a major concern. It is simple to disassemble if any components break.
There are 27 total screws in the device.
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  • HP Spectre X360 Teardown Summary

The solid, full aluminum body of the HP Spectre X360 provides remarkable cosmetic detail to the notebook’s design and additionally its structure makes it easy to repair. Most of the fasteners used are screws, while the mated female threads are tapped into the main chassis. Most of the screws are used to fix the keyboard with the main chassis.
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  • HuaWei P10 Cellphone Teardown Summary

Through-out the disassembly process of the Huawei P10 cellphone we identified a total of 24 fasteners. The battery and most of the flex cables are held with double-sided adhesive tapes.
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  • iPad Air Generation 2 Teardown Summary

The use of adhesives in the iPad reduces loose hardware and lowers assembly costs.
– All screws can be replaced with TackSert™, TackPin®, or microPEM® Screws.
– All plastic inserts can be replaced with microPEM® Inserts.
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  • iPhone 6 Teardown Summary

PennEngineering® can produce any of the fastening solutions used in the phone, within our current manufacturing facilities. With the implementation of some of the alternative fastening solutions suggested, our design and manufacturing expertise can help with:
– Fastener standardization
– Assembly simplification
– Cost reduction
– Overall product improvement.
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  • iPhone 6+ Teardown Summary

The iPhone 6+ is a high quality, yet internally complex device. With 62 individual pieces of loose hardware of 18 varieties, the inventory seems to be quite complicated. Among other goals, PennEngineering aims in simplifying the manufacturing processes, while maintaining quality by being able to replace existing fasteners with alternative PEM products:
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  • Kindle Oasis Teardown Summary

The Kindle Oasis reader is an intelligently designed device with very little reparability in mind. A lot of adhesives were used in this assembly.
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  • Le Max2 Teardown Summary

The Le Max2 phone is a great smart phone device with color anodized aluminum body. The assembly process is simple and thus repairing and the teardown process in total were quite easy as well. Throughout the device structure there are 43 fasteners used.
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  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Teardown Summary

There are 14 different types of screws, using 3 different driver sizes. Also there are 138 tapped holes and 10 brass inserts in this laptop. PennEngineering can provide the screws and inserts currently used with no change to the design.
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  • LG G5 Teardown Summary

The LG G5 cellular phone is a intelligently designed device with some reparability in mind. The battery module is easily accessed, and can be replaced with a touch of a button.
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  • MacBook Pro 13″ Teardown Summary

The MacBook Pro 13” has been assembled together with low repairability potential. Adhesives were also used often for assembly. PennEngineering can provide all of the fasteners (internally and externally threaded) found here at a competitive price and always at the market’s highest quality.
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  • MI® HDTV Interactive Set – Top Box Teardown Summary

The MI® HDTV Interactive Set – Top Box and its Remote (made by Xiaomi Co. in China), includes three flat head self-tapping screws, one brass insert and a few snap fit joints used within its structure for fastening purposes.
– The total fastener quantity is only 20 pieces. Below we provide alternative PEM® fastening solutions.
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  • Microsoft Surface Book Teardown Summary

For the specific device, the chassis for the keyboard and display are cast from magnesium. Most screws thread into cast bosses and holes.The keyboard and display are both sealed with strong adhesive making it difficult to open either section.
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  • Moto 360 Watch Teardown Summary

All fasteners in the moto 360™ can be produced and supplied by PennEngineering®.
– 6 Identical screws were found in the charging dock and a set of pin and loose hardware that functions as a crown for the watch.
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  • Nest Learning Thermostat Teardown Summary

The 3rd generation Nest learning thermostat utilizes molded plastic, self-tapping screws, adhesive, and plastic tabs. The combination attaches the entire unit effectively and allows easy disassembly. Minimal strength and load is required from the fasteners.
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  • Nokia 6 Teardown Summary

Nokia 6 has a 5.5-inch FHD IPS display with a polarizer film covered with 2.5D Gorilla Glass for protection. The smartphone comes in a black 6000 series aluminum uni-body chassis with flat edges that are milled using a CNC machine from a single brick of aluminum alloy. Various screws in the assembly can be replaced with TackPins, TackSerts, Snap in Fasteners, or microPEM® screws.
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  • Oculus Rift Teardown Summary

The Oculus Rift is a lightweight device that utilizes plastic molding and light metals. Almost all fasteners thread into plastic bosses using high helix screws. Since it is a wearable, weight is very important, hence why the primary use of plastic wherever possible. Most of the components of the Oculus Rift are straightforward enough to disassemble if required.
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  • OXO Kitchen Scale Teardown Summary

The OXO Kitchen Scale was designed with durability in mind. Few screws were found in assembly, and adhesives were rarely used. Most of the screws found in the assembly were received into the plastic housing.
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  • Phantom3 Drone Teardown Summary

The DJI Phantom 3 is a very interesting, aesthetically appealing device that is part of a quickly growing market. Due to the sensitivity of the electronics used in this drone, DJI seems to allow very limited access for reparability.
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  • Sony PS4 Teardown Summary

The PS4 is a gaming console with complex design, without any visual fasteners used in the frames. The self-tapping screws are widely used to attach plastic and metallic panels. The male threads mated with screws are tapped in Zinc cast panels.
– Throughout its structure, the PS4 uses 94 screws including 59 self-tapping screws, 6 hex nuts and one clinch standoff.
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  • Rear View Mirror Monitor And Color Camera Teardown Summary

Both the rear view mirror assembly and the rear view camera used adhesives and snap locking technology, thus eliminating most of the loose hardware. This allows for ease of assembly and a significant cost reduction.
– The set screw found in the camera assembly can be replaced with an upcoming large TackSert® product.
– Some snap features can be replaced with the TackSert®.
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  • Retina MacBook 12″ Teardown Summary

The Retina MacBook 12” has minimum repairability, which translates to a more beneficial and logical use of non-removable fasteners like our TackPins™ and TackSerts™, thus eliminating the time-consuming screwing of fasteners in place during assembly as well as tapping of holes during preparation phase.
– The ratio of externally to internally threaded fasteners is around 13/1, with PennEngineering parts accounting for almost half of the internally threaded ones.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Teardown Summary

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a very interesting smart phone device with arc screen and arc mail body corner. The disassembling process is quite simple, something that translates into easy repairs if necessary. Throughout the teardown process we identified 15pcs M1.2 screws.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Teardown Summary

The Samsung Galaxy S8 features a 5.8 inches curved LED display. The device’s covering surfaces comprise mostly of glass and metal along the siding and protected against water and dust in accordance with IP68 Code testing specification.
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  • Samsung Gear VR Teardown Summary

Throughout the entire teardown process, we discovered 24 pieces DELTA PT16x4.5 mm pan head self-tapping screws, 10 pieces brass made M1.4 threaded insert, 7 pieces metric profile thread screws and one brass made M1.6 threaded insert in the device.
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  • Seagate Desktop HDD 4TB Teardown Summary

Whenever possible and with seldom reparability, replacement of removal fasteners with semi- to permanent ones is a very beneficial and economical practice that could also save in assembly procedures (e.g. no tapping required), as is the case with PEM® TackSert® fasteners.
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  • Western Digital Black HDD Teardown Summary

The Western Digital Black HDD has a relatively simple assembly, but it is not a product that was designed for reparability. The fasteners used in this product are required to adhere to strict tolerances and finishes, and therefore would be expensive to manufacture.
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  • Xiaomi Air 12 Notebook Teardown Summary

Xiaomi Air 12 Notebook has ultra-thin, full-metal design, edge to edge glass coverage, a sleek appearance, lite up keyboard, and ultra-light weight design featuring the latest hardware. The Notebook is extremely portable.
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