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  • Cloud Nine Hair Straightener Teardown Summary

The Cloud Nine is a hair straightener device that utilizes mostly small size screws that go into plastic threaded holes. Most of the components of the Cloud Nine are straightforward enough to disassemble if required.
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  • Google Home Teardown Summary

The Google Home is almost entirely made of molded plastic parts. It utilizes molded bosses and alignment posts to fasten the device together. Since there will be essentially no loading on the device, strength of the fasteners is not a major concern. It is simple to disassemble if any components break.
There are 27 total screws in the device.
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  • Nest Learning Thermostat Teardown Summary

The 3rd generation Nest learning thermostat utilizes molded plastic, self-tapping screws, adhesive, and plastic tabs. The combination attaches the entire unit effectively and allows easy disassembly. Minimal strength and load is required from the fasteners.
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  • OXO Kitchen Scale Teardown Summary

The OXO Kitchen Scale was designed with durability in mind. Few screws were found in assembly, and adhesives were rarely used. Most of the screws found in the assembly were received into the plastic housing.
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