Tech Product Teardowns

  LapTops, Notebooks & Peripherals 

  • Acer Swift 7 Teardown Summary

The Acer Swift 7 computer is a intelligently designed device with reparability in mind. A lot of screws were discovered in the assembly, most of them received into tapped holes in the metal casing.
– Various screws in the assembly can be replaced with TackPins, TackSerts, Snap in Fasteners, or microPEM® screws.
– The hinge pin can be replace with a direct solution provided by PEM.
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  • Brydge Air Keyboard for iPad Air Teardown Summary

Through this teardown process, 19 pieces M2.5 screws and 7 pieces (aluminum alloy) M2.5 standoffs with metric profile thread were used for the assembly of the device. Additionally, eight integrated M2.5 internally threaded tapped holes and four extruded threaded holes are used in certain parts for fastening purposes. PennEngineering can make the device more competitive by employing both standard solutions and solutions uniquely modified for this keyboard.
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  • Google Home Teardown Summary

The Google Home is almost entirely made of molded plastic parts. It utilizes molded bosses and alignment posts to fasten the device together. Since there will be essentially no loading on the device, strength of the fasteners is not a major concern. It is simple to disassemble if any components break.
There are 27 total screws in the device.
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  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Teardown Summary

There are 14 different types of screws, using 3 different driver sizes. Also there are 138 tapped holes and 10 brass inserts in this laptop. PennEngineering can provide the screws and inserts currently used with no change to the design.
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  • Microsoft Surface Book Teardown Summary

For the specific device, the chassis for the keyboard and display are cast from magnesium. Most screws thread into cast bosses and holes.The keyboard and display are both sealed with strong adhesive making it difficult to open either section.
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  • Seagate Desktop HDD 4TB Teardown Summary

Whenever possible and with seldom reparability, replacement of removal fasteners with semi- to permanent ones is a very beneficial and economical practice that could also save in assembly procedures (e.g. no tapping required), as is the case with PEM® TackSert® fasteners.
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  • Western Digital Black HDD Teardown Summary

The Western Digital Black HDD has a relatively simple assembly, but it is not a product that was designed for reparability. The fasteners used in this product are required to adhere to strict tolerances and finishes, and therefore would be expensive to manufacture.
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  • Xiaomi Air 12 Notebook Teardown Summary

Xiaomi Air 12 Notebook has ultra-thin, full-metal design, edge to edge glass coverage, a sleek appearance, lite up keyboard, and ultra-light weight design featuring the latest hardware. The Notebook is extremely portable.
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