Electric Vehicle Solutions

Electric vehicles (EVs) are experiencing tremendous growth, driven by the policy environment, government incentives and subsidies to wean the transportation sector off carbon, and consumer demand. EVs present unique structural and component attachment challenges, and our fastening technology solutions remain at the forefront in meeting these evolving needs.

Application requirements for battery box assemblies in BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) exemplify how our products and design engineering expertise can yield successful outcomes. Multiple fastener types – blind rivets, clinch, pre-pierce, pre-form, and self-pierce – play critical roles in enabling sealed joints, galvanic corrosion resistance, high torque and push-out performance, and one- and two-sided fastener installation access.

Additional EV subassembly applications carry their own particular attachment challenges. These have resulted from the drastic changes necessary in vehicle structures to balance the weight of batteries, the need for reliably securing especially vital components such as battery trays, and the proliferation of aluminum and similar lightweight materials, among many other factors.

Regardless of EV application challenge, we are fully equipped as a total fastening solution provider.

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