Manually Operated Tools

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ATLAS® RIV905 Hydraulic Hand Tool

RIV905 installation tool
  • The RIV 905 is simple to operate and easy to handle. Hydraulic force allows for installation of high-strength rivet nuts.

ATLAS® Speed Ratchet Tool

Atlas Speed Ratchet
  • Designed for installing nuts from #6-32 to 1/2-13 and M4 to M12.
hand tools
  • L-6000 Installation Tool • Ideal for light production. Installs most SpinTite® fasteners.
  • AE10 Hand Tool • Ideal for light production.• Installs most SpinTite® fasteners. • Ideal for prototype applications
  • L-845/722 Hex Wrench • Designed for installing SpinTite® and MaxTite® fasteners.• Great for field installations or repair work.