Cost Savings Investigation

The PEM® Cost Savings Investigation (CSI)sm program was developed to CSIhelp companies attain a lower "assembled cost" for their designs. You can put our global fastening expertise to work for you by allowing our CSICSI team to disassemble and carefully analyze your product. Our CSI team will then make recommendations to you on how to reduce fastener costs, assembly time and/or assembly steps. This service is offered free of charge at all CSI program locations.

CSI Program Locations:
Danboro, PA USA
Galway, Ireland
Kunshan, China
Winston-Salem, NC USA

Our CSI Team Will:

Completely disassemble product / assembly.
Document and photograph each step of disassembly.
Make recommendations for cost savings improvements.
If possible, replace existing fastening method with recommended solution.
Provide complete (confidential) report to customer.
Return all materials to customer.

Most CSI services are conducted at our factory/technical facilities. If you require our services to be conducted on site at your location, please contact your regional factory/technical location to discuss.

To ask about putting our CSI team to work for you, contact us at: [email protected]

Customer is not obligated to specify or purchase fastener products. Total time of analysis and report depends on size and complexity of the product under investigation.

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