PEM® R’ANGLE® Fastener EMI Gap Elimination Anvil

PEM® R’ANGLE® fasteners are regularly used in applications where they are installed through the panel in electronics enclosures. Some enclosures may contain actual radio communication components. Others may contain high frequency processor electronics.

Gap Elimination Installation Tool

The R’ANGLE fastener design only clinches on 2 sides of the rectangular punched hole in the panel. This leaves two parallel gaps of clearance on the long non-clinched sides of the fastener. This can be a concern for applications requiring testing to meet EMC/EMI testing certification. The gap can allow common electromagnetic frequencies to escape or enter the enclosure.

  • The anvil effectively divides the long gap into two much shorter slots.
  • The shorter the gap length, the greater the effectiveness of blocking higher frequencies..

Product Bulletin

Right Angle Clinch Fasteners Bulletin