PEM® PreTect™ Thread Masking Plugs

PEM® PreTect™ thread masking plugs reduce labor and protect threads from paint and powder coating processes. The pre-installed silicone masking plugs, supplied already in place, have been designed for self-clinching blind standoffs, thru-hole standoffs, and nuts in thread sizes #4-40 to ¼-20 and M3 to M6.

PreTect™ plugs and caps are RoHS compliant with no exemptions and do not contain any REACH SVHCs or CA Prop 65 substances.

PreTect thread masking plugs

Features Include:

  • Fasteners are shipped with plugs and film (where applicable) already in place.
  • Plugs can be augmented for thru-hole fastener types with a specially engineered stretched polyester film offering thread protection on the side opposite the plug.
  • Plugs and film easily removed with a fine tip tool by end user.
  • Plugs and film can withstand 482°F / 250°C temperatures.
  • Fasteners can be installed using automated installation equipment. (Adjustments to auto feed tooling may be required.)

All self-clinching fasteners provide permanent and reusable load-bearing threads in metal sheets too thin to be tapped or where extruded or stamped threads would be impractical. Usually installed during the fabrication process – before an assembly would undergo painting or powder coating – self-clinching fasteners become integral components. The new plugs and film ensure that paints or powder coatings will not impact the thread integrity of installed fasteners as assemblies move through production.
The plugs and film can reduce labor requirements by eliminating any need to manually mask fastener threads in advance of coating processes or subsequently clean contaminated threads.

Capability Brochure

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