SI® Brand Compression Limiters

Compression limiters are non-threaded inserts that are commonly used in applications where a compressive load is applied to a plastic assembly. The compression limiter strengthens the plastic and withstands the compressive force that is applied when a mating screw is tightened. The integrity of the plastic is not compromised by the load that is applied.

Capability Brochure

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Compression Limiters

Features Include

  • Custom designed in a wide range of sizes and profiles.
  • Available in brass, stainless steel, and lead-free aluminum.
  • Installed using ultrasonic, heat-staking or molded-in installation methods.
  • Available design types; flange-head, symmetrical, full diamond knurl and non-knurled symmetrical.
  • Fasteners can be installed using automated installation equipment. (Adjustments to auto feed tooling may be required.)

Installation Methods

    Ultrasonic / Heat Staking

  • Ultrasonic – Installed by pressing the insert into the mounting hole with ultrasonic insertion equipment while simultaneously applying a high frequency vibration. Frictional heat caused by the vibration melts the plastic surrounding the insert allowing easy insertion. When the vibration ceases, the plastic solidifies, locking the insert permanently in place.
  • Heat Staking – Installed by pressing the insert into the mounting hole with a thermal press to melt the plastic surrounding the insert.

  • Installed during the molding process, the inserts are located in the mold cavity by core pins. When the mold opens, the core pins are withdrawn leaving the inserts permanently encapsulated in the plastic section with only the threads exposed.
  • Installing the inserts during the molding process eliminates the need for secondary steps or installation equipment.

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