SI® Threaded Inserts for Plastic

SI® brand inserts employ press-in, molded-in, or heat/ultrasonic installation methods to provide strong, reusable, permanent threads in plastic.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultrasonic/Heat Staking Threaded Inserts

ultrasonic heat staking threaded inserts

  • Tapered, Thru Threaded – IUA, IUB, IUC
  • Straight Wall Thru Threaded – IUTA, IUTB, IUTC
  • Symmetrical, Thru Threaded – ISA, ISB, ISC
  • microPEM® Inserts For Plastic – MSIA™, MSIB™

Molded-In Threaded Inserts

molded in threaded inserts

  • Blind Threaded – IBA, IBB, IBC
  • Self-Locking Blind Threaded – IBLC
  • Thru Threaded – ITA, ITB, ITC
  • Knurled Spacers – STKA, STKB, STKC

Press-In Threaded Inserts

press in threaded inserts

  • Hexagonal – NFPC, NFPA
  • Thru Threaded – PPA, PPB
  • Flange-Head – PFLA, PFLB
  • Straight Knurl – PKA, PKB

microPEM® Threaded Inserts

microPEM threaded inserts

  • microPEM® Inserts For Plastic – MSIA™, MSIB™

Currently we do not sell equipment for installing SI® brand threaded inserts for plastics.

For your convenience we have listed below suppliers of ultrasonic and thermal insertion presses.