Standoffs For Sheet Metal

Concealed Head Standoffs – Types CSOS, CSS

concealed head standoffs types CSOS, CSS

PEM® self-clinching concealed-head standoffs install permanently in steel or aluminum sheets as this as .062" / 1.6mm. This feature allows the side of the sheet opposite installation to remain smooth and untouched.

KEYHOLE® Standoffs – Type SKC

keyhole® standoffs type SKC

PEM® KEYHOLE® standoffs are designed so that a PC board or panel can be quickly slipped into place and then removed from an assembly by simply sliding the board sideways and lifting it off. Type SKC can be used for spacing or hanging of replaceable components.

Blind, Threaded - Types BSO, BSO4, BSOA, BSOS

blind threaded standoffs types BSO, BSO4, BSOA, BSOS

These standoffs are designed for spacing applications where outer sheet surfaces must be flush and closed for smoother sheet appearance.

Thru-hole, Threaded and Unthreaded- Types SO, SO4, SOA, SOS

thru-hole threaded and unthreaded standoffs types SO, SO4, SOA, SOS

PEM® brand thru-hole threaded standoffs are installed with their heads flush with one surface of the mounting sheet. Unthreaded standoffs are also available for spacing multi-panel assemblies.

Install Into Stainless - Types BSO4, SO4, TSO4

installs into stainless types BSO4, SO4, TSO4

Types BSO4 and SO4 standoffs are for installation into stainless steel sheets as thin as .040 " / 1.02 mm.

Thin Sheet, Thru-Hole - Types TSO, TSOA, TSOS, TSO4

thin sheet, thru-hole standoffs types TSO, TSOA, TSOS, TSO4

Types TSO, TSOS, TSOA and TSO4 self-clinching threaded standoffs provide permanent threads in sheets as thin as .025 " / 0.63 mm.


snap-top® standoffs types SSA, SSC, SSS, SMTSS

PEM® SNAP-TOP® standoffs use a spring action to hold PC boards and subassemblies securely, while allowing for quick removal. Screws and other threaded hardware are eliminated.

Grounding - Types SOAG, SOSG

grounding standoffs types SOAG, SOSG

Types SOAG and SOSG grounding standoffs are designed for clinching into steel or aluminum chassis while the “gripping teeth” on the opposite end of the standoff firmly contact mating PC board.

Close To Edge - Types DSO, DSOS

close to edge standoffs types DSO, DSOS

Types DSO and DSOS standoffs are available for close-to-edge applications.

Micro, Self-Clinching - Types MSO4™, MSOFS™

micro standoffs type MSO4

Type MSO4 micro standoffs are designed for mounting /spacing in extremely limited space applications. Type MSOFS micro flaring standoffs attach permanently in any type of panel, including metal, plastic and P.C. Board.