You Should Know

You Should Know That…

You can not purchase PEM’s or install PEM’s or even contact PEM®. PEM is not a type of fastener and PEM alone is not a company name.

A PEM fastener (or PEM nut as it is sometimes called) is only a PEM fastener if it is manufactured by PennEngineering®. Otherwise it should simply be referred to by a generic term such as a self-clinching fastener, captive fastener or threaded insert (among others).

No other company can manufacture a PEM fastener.

PEM is our brand name and registered trademark. Trademarks are symbols of a company’s quality and reputation. For PennEngineering, products bearing the PEM trademark convey 60 plus years of quality, reliability, innovation and support. Many customers will look for the PEM trademark because, in their experience, products bearing that have provided them with exceptional performance and complete satisfaction.

The goodwill and integrity of our Company and the quality of our fasteners are ingrained in the PEM trademark. This makes the trademark a very valuable asset to the Company and to our customers who purchase the PEM brand fasteners.

So now you know – you can’t buy or specify a PEM. But you can spec and purchase all of the PEM branded fasteners you need from one of our Authorized Distributors. And most of our products are uniquely marked so that you can ensure you are getting genuine PEM parts.

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