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iPhone6+ Teardown Summary

The iPhone 6+ is a high quality, yet internally complex device. With 62 individual pieces of loose hardware of 18 varieties, the inventory seems to be quite complicated. Among other goals, PennEngineering aims in simplifying the manufacturing processes, while maintaining quality by being able to replace existing fasteners with alternative PEM products:

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
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PEM® Inserts

All titanium M1.2 and M1 inserts could be replaced by PEM® parts made from 2024-T4, with the results of lower cost and simplified anodizing process.

R’ANGLE® Fasteners

The right angle fasteners currently used in the iPhone 6+ can be replaced by custom type RAS- threaded right angle fastener. The process can be automated with the use of pick and place SMT equipment.

TackScrew™ Fasteners

Standardizing on screw type and length should be immensely helpful in reducing costs. TackScrew™ fasteners can replace a big number of current fasteners in the iPhone 6+. TackScrew™ fasteners enable cost effective sheet-to-sheet attachment by simply pressing into place.

SIM Tray

This is an alternative more efficient solution to the current SIM card ejector design. The new design involves the use of a TackScrew™ fastener to join a SIM tray lever to the plastic tray that holds the SIM card.

SMTSO™ Fasteners

The surface mount hardware on the phone controller could be replaced either by a PEM® standard product or a special SMTSO™ standoff fastener.

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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