Le Max2 Teardown Summary

The Le Max2 phone is a great smart phone device with color anodized aluminum body. The assembly process is simple and thus repairing and the teardown process in total were quite easy as well. Throughout the device structure there are 43 fasteners used.
Below are certain alternatives featuring several PEM® fasteners that can help achieve better functionality and cost savings:

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
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microPEM® Screws

PEM can provide all existing micro screws for the application with different design solutions.
PEM has license with Torx®, Torx Plus® driver and self-tapping thread patent such as TAPTITE®,
FASTITE®, REMFORM®, and REMFORM “F” ®, PT® and Delta PT® (Nickel and Zn-Ni plating with different color).

TackSert® Fasteners

In the Le Max2 disassembly process, the screws are used to fix & connect PC board with brass inserts.
In the case, PEM TackSert parts can be used to replace these screws. However, this is a permanent connection
and cannot be reworked. By simply pressing in the fastener, the installation process becomes quicker.


PEM® SI® Inserts

PEM provides any of the inserts in different materials. Installation method can be heat staking, press-in and mold-in
with high volume and excellent quality. Switching to brass inserts with black plating instead of carbon steel as is more economic.
PEM also provides aluminum SI inserts as an excellent lead free option for considerable weight reduction.


microPEM® SCB and SCBJ Fasteners

The two SMT parts in the first picture above can be replaced with PEM designed Micro SMT parts.
The minimum panel thickness is 0.5mm for the PEM SMT part, and can be specially designed for thinner panels.
The hex design also can achieve better Torque-out than a round barrel design.

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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