Oculus Rift Teardown Summary

The Oculus Rift is a lightweight device that utilizes plastic molding and light metals. Almost all fasteners thread into plastic bosses using high helix screws. Since it is a wearable, weight is very important, hence why the primary use of plastic wherever possible. Most of the components of the Oculus Rift are straightforward enough to disassemble if required.

Below are certain alternatives featuring several PEM® fasteners that can help achieve better functionality and cost savings.
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microPEM® Screws

PennEngineering® manufactures a wide range of micro screws. These can be made from high strength,
lightweight aluminum with dimensions and features per customer requirements.

TackSert® Pin

The TackSert® Pins can permanently install into plastic materials. The fastener can be designed with a shoulder for a gear to rotate around.
TackSert® Pins can replace an e-clip and pin with a one piece fastener. They are made from high strength Aluminum for weight reduction.

SpotFast® Fasteners

The SFK SpotFast® fasteners can clinch into metal and broach into plastic. It can permanently join two dissimilar materials as in the above situation.
In this case it would replace the bent metal with a flush fastener.

Broaching Studs

Type KFH broaching studs are designed to press into a plastic hole. Straight thru hole is all that is required.
The part can be modified to fit a wide variety of applications. Also available in aluminum for weight reduction.

Spinning Clinch Standoff

A Self-Clinching Spinning Standoff can be designed that would require a straight thru-hole only.
The part would permanently install and then freely spinning after installation.

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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