OXO Kitchen Scale Teardown Summary

The OXO Kitchen Scale was designed with durability in mind. Few screws were found in assembly, and adhesives were rarely used. Most of the screws found in the assembly were received into the plastic housing.
Below are certain alternatives featuring several PEM® fasteners that can help achieve better functionality and cost savings.

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
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MicroPEM® Screws

Magnets and rivets can be replaced with a Retained Correlated Magnet (RCM®) for plastics.
This product is currently under development.
The correlated magnets would self-align, unlike conventional magnets, and the multiple poles
of the correlated will provide a stronger, more controlled field.

TackSert® Pin

All high helix screws can be replaced with TackSert® pins.

SCB™ Spinning Clinch Bolt

Spinning clinch bolts can be used to attach the platform. This will reduce the number of loose hardware.

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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