PEM® Self-Clinching Standoff Fasteners in Range of Types and Styles Enable Mounting, Spacing, or Stacking of Multi-Panel Assemblies

PEM® self-clinching standoff fasteners from PennEngineering® enable precise and reliable mounting, spacing, or stacking of panels, boards, or components in assemblies. This family of fasteners includes a wide range of types and styles designed for permanent installation into metal sheets as thin as .025” / 0.63mm.
Depending on type, PEM self-clinching standoffs can be specified with through-hole or blind threads, unthreaded, or with closed ends promoting a flush appearance in an assembly. Types also include unthreaded SNAP-TOP® or KEYHOLE® versions as well as standoffs with “gripping teeth” and standoffs for broaching or surface mounting in printed circuit boards. Some types can be supplied with round and knurled fastener heads allowing closer-to-edge clinch installation, “gripping teeth” on the end of the fastener’s barrel ideally suited for grounding applications, or with the capability to clinch into much thinner sheets than standard versions.
PEM self-clinching standoffs in a variety of lengths are manufactured from steel, stainless steel, or aluminum for installation into steel or aluminum sheets or from specially heat-treated 400 Series stainless steel for clinching successfully into stainless steel sheets. Brass standoffs can even be specified for certain printed circuit board applications.
Standoffs for sheet metal mount by pressing the fastener into a round hole and applying sufficient squeezing force with a PEMSERTER® or standard press. The fastener then becomes a permanent part of an assembly without risk of loosening or falling out and fulfills panel-spacing requirements using minimal hardware. For threaded versions a single mating screw completes the attachment process.
Detailed specifications, fastener drawings and models, and performance data (Bulletin SO) can be accessed at A Technical Sheet – “Standoff Basics” – is also available as a guide on the proper way to use standoffs.
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