PEM® Type MSO4™ microPEM® Self-Clinching Standoff Fasteners Mount and/or Space Components in Compact Electronic Assemblies

PEM® Type MSO4™ microPEM® self-clinching standoff fasteners from PennEngineering® enable components to be mounted and/or spaced in compact electronic assemblies, especially suiting applications where space may be extremely limited for attachment hardware. These stainless steel fasteners install easily into thin metal host sheets by pressing them into pre-punched and properly sized mounting holes. After installation, they become permanent parts of an assembly and will not loosen or fall out. A mating screw completes component attachment.

Manufactured from heat-treated 400 Series stainless steel, the microPEM standoffs will provide stronger load-bearing threads than weld standoffs in service and eliminate issues typically associated with welding processes. They further can be installed automatically to help accelerate production runs without requiring any handling of parts.

PEM Type MSO4 standoffs have been engineered to install reliably in 300 Series stainless steel or other metal sheets as thin as 0.3mm / .012” and as hard as HRB 88 / HB 183 (or less). Fastener thread sizes as small as M1.0 / #0-80 and lengths as short as 2mm / .094” can be specified.

The RoHS-compliant standoffs join a growing family of microPEM self-clinching fastener solutions uniquely designed for compact electronics. Applications include wearables, laptops, tablets and eReaders, smartphones, automotive electronics, and a wide range of handheld devices.

Detailed specifications and performance data (Bulletin MPF), fastener drawings, and models can be accessed at

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