PennEngineering Delivers Productivity Gains with its PEMSERTER® Series 3000™ Fastener Installation Press Combined with Collaborative Robotic Technology

Global leader in innovative fastening technologies and solutions, PennEngineering® will exhibit a unique integration of its PEMSERTER® Series 3000™ Automatic-feed Fastener Installation Press and Universal Robot’s UR5 Collaborative Industrial Robot at Blechexpo, Stuttgart, on stand 4313 between 7th and 10th November 2017.

The purpose of the demonstration on the stand is to further illustrate the productivity gains available by combining the PEMSERTER® Series 3000™ Fastener Installation Press, which can install Genuine PEM® Brand self-clinch fasteners up to 30% fastener than traditional systems, with the UR5 robot which can significantly reduce labour costs associated with secondary processes.

PennEngineering’s Roger Patton will be presenting the benefits of employing Servo Technology for Fastener Installation at the Technics Forum, on Thursday 9th November, Entry is free to all Blechexpo visitors.

The PEMSERTER Series 3000 has established itself as the productivity leader in the world of self-clinch fastener installation. Among other features, its PC-based programming interfaces with Windows operating platforms for job versatility and customization. Menu-driven touch-screen controls, descriptive screen alerts, and an on-screen multi-media instructional video contribute to user-friendly operation and quick learning. Data logging capabilities allow for performance monitoring.

2017 marks the 13th Blechexpo event and the 75th year anniversary of PennEngineering. Recently PennEngineering has recently expanded its European operations, creating a 80,000 square-foot bespoke facility in Galway, Eire, which manufactures all PEM® self-clinch products sold in Europe.