PEMSERTER Presses, Series 3000Fastener-installation equipment, pioneered by PennEngineering, can deliver a competitive edge. No matter how demanding a job, our systems and expertise provide time-proven solutions.

We rolled out our first PEMSERTER® fastener-insertion press in 1967, which introduced fabricators and OEMs to an entirely new method for installing self-clinching fasteners. The benefits of installation speed, quality, and cost reduction quickly became apparent and remain true to this day.

As we have grown, our PEMSERTER brand has stood to identify a diverse product line ranging from simple hand tools to the most technologically advanced press systems available in the industry.

Our response over the years to evolving customer requirements has led to expanding equipment choices and enhanced engineering expertise.When applications demand installation performance beyond manual or even automatic feed, automation and robotics (A&R) can be offered to further reduce your total cost of fastener installation. Implementing A&R within your production line can help you to eliminate secondary operations, improve quality, reduce overall costs and speed production. There are several solutions available to address your needs. These can include PEMSERTER TRU-MOTION™ systems as well as PEMSERTER in-die installation technology.

At your service is an experienced tech force well-versed in hardware and systems. Every day we are prepared to handle the most challenging assembly problem or field a quick question. We invite your contact.

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