In-Die Feeding System – FAQ

Die Insertion – Frequently Asked Questions

Cost Range: Pricing for In-die systems can begin from the low to mid $45k/€40k. Additional costs depend on your special requirements.

Lead Time: Typically 16 to 24 weeks. Works concurrent with die design and build. Die tools designed and are delivered first (10-12 weeks) and generally do not interfere with die delivery dates.

Technical Support: The system is fully supported from die design through installation at the production facility. While each system is customized and engineered to each application, standard tooling is utilized where possible in order to control costs.

Speed: Typically to 60 parts per minute. Faster systems are available.

Number of Insertion Points: Universal carts* with 4 lines of feed are standard, however up to 5 lines of feed from one system including use of an expansion cart for multiple fastener types are available. Multiple systems can be integrated for additional insertion points. (*Universal carts are adaptable to feed fasteners from 1032/M5 through to 0518/M8)

Inspection: Each insertion point is inspected for presence of fastener.

Setup: Unit quickly connects to press and die and is rolled out of the way when not in use. Where possible, all in-die tooling is designed for in-press removal. No need to pull die from press for repair or replacement.

Types of Fasteners: Nuts, Studs, Standoffs and TPS pins. Exceptions are where the fastener’s height is similar to it’s length. They tend to tumble in the feed tube. Custom solutions can be provided for most other fastener applications.

Number of Stations Required: Die design dependant, typically one to two stations per insertion point. Multiple insertions in one station are possible. Inserting and inspecting is usually accomplished in the same station.

Reconfigurability: Typically 50% to 80% of the system can be reconfigured for the next application. Additionally, our quick change universal cart feed system is designed to feed up to four lines of the most popular nuts and stud from 1032/M5 to 0518/M8.)

Fastener Push-Out / Torque-Out Values: Generally higher values are achieved with die insertion when compared with off-line fastener installation equipment.

Press Stroke Length: Typically 6"/150mm minimum, but shorter strokes may be achieved and are fastener type and speed dependent.