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Series 2000B Press

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PEMSERTER Series 2000B Press


The PEMSERTER® Series 2000® air-over-oil actuating system provides short cycle time for increased productivity and 71.2 kN / 8 tons of force and a 61 cm / 24” throat depth which provides clearance for a variety of chassis configurations. The press is engineered to promote streamlined job productivity and quality while installing self-clinching fasteners permanently in thin metal sheets. Noteworthy features include touch screen controls to minimize operator training and greatly simplify use; self-diagnostic system to allow an operator to work with increased speed, accuracy and confidence; and enhanced programming for quicker start-up and fast cycling.

Features and Benefits
•Job search and recall mode allows operators to reference 99 stored jobs and return to previous jobs quickly and easily.
•Touch-screen and graphics contribute to operator-friendly operation.
•Multi Language pre-loaded on touch screen.
•Real-time installation force feedback displayed on screen.
•Fastener and batch counters.
•Descriptive screen alerts for operating errors.
•Smart dwell and force verification.
•Self-diagnostic system lets operator work with increased speed, accuracy, and confidence.
•LIGHTSTREAM® Operator Safety System provides continuous operator and workpiece protection.