PEMSERTER® QX4™ Turret Tool System

NewThe PEMSERTER® QX4™ Turret Tool System provides an efficient method to quickly change between four different anvil tools. The one-handed operation of this tool allows an operator to install four different types and/or sizes of fasteners with one set-up. The QX4 Turret Tool System can be easily installed on all new and existing PEMSERTER® Series 4® and Series LT/4™ presses.


QX™ Turret Tool System Advantages:

  • Lower installed cost. Four different fasteners installed with one machine set-up.
  • Increased productivity. Set-up time reduced. Turret is easily rotated by hand and positively locks in place.
  • Reduced WIP inventory. No need to stage product for additional hardware requirements.
  • Reduced capital equipment cost. No need for multiple machines in a work cell production.
  • Uses existing tools. 4 positions accept standard PEMSERTER 3" anvils.
  • Reduced risk of missing a fastener or damaging work-piece. Each position is color-coded with matching color coded parts trays.
Turret easily rotated by hand.
Star turret design for fastener-type installations that are more difficult to access.
Round turret installed on an LT/4 press.
Turret easily removed and reinstalled with no realignment needed.
  • All installs done with standard 3" flat punch.
  • Works with press safety systems. Just set-up for one of the fasteners and the installation stroke will do the rest.
  • Set installation force to the highest force needed of the four installations for most applications. Consult factory for applications that require vastly different installation forces.