PEMSERTER® Series 4 Rebuild Program

Eliminate replacement part costs, give your old press new speed. If your Series 4 is not cycling 1600 times per hour, then you need to take advantage of our Rebuild Program.

Get Competitive Again! Capture the Next Bid!

The old press has served you well in the past, so don’t let the old timer hold you back. Upgrade with the following:

  • Improved cycling speed to current standards
  • All internal components replaced with current, longer life, lower maintenance components
  • Hosing, tubing, and fittings replaced
  • Brand new, more advanced main cylinder
  • New high volume pneumatic pilot valve
  • New controlled retract function for reduced wear
  • Includes one year warranty
  • Plus MORE

Call 800-523-5321 and arrange for your Series 4 Rebuild Program Today!