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Retina MacBook 12″ Teardown Summary

The Retina MacBook 12” has minimum repairability, which translates to a more beneficial and logical use of non-removable fasteners like our TackPins™ and TackSerts™, thus eliminating the time-consuming screwing of fasteners in place during assembly as well as tapping of holes during preparation phase.
– The ratio of externally to internally threaded fasteners is around 13/1, with PennEngineering parts accounting for almost half of the internally threaded ones.
– We also noticed the use of non-traditional shapes of fastening elements beyond the regular nuts and studs. Add to that the tapping at an angle used to attach the keyboard to the main Al chassis. The purpose is to use all the space available on the Al chassis.

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
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TackPin® Fasteners

With the MicroPEM® TackPin® fasteners, the use of removable screws as well
as the time consuming tapping of holes can be eliminated.

FlexTack™ Fasteners

The FlexTack™ clinches into the Al chassis without the need of tapping the hole
while it accommodates tolerance stack up in the panels.


PEM® SMT Keyhole®

Two Keyhole® surface mounts would replace the current two surface mount
standoffs along with their two screws. Only one surface mount and one screw
from the current design would be used instead of 3. This fastener also helps
decrease the assembly time.


Angled Clinching Fastener

Instead of this two-piece assembly, we can offer a clinching fastener that
accommodates insertion at an angle and that it’s suitable for small spaces.
The fastener clinches at an angle in the lower panel, the latter having a blind
or a through hole prepared at an angle equivalent to that of the fastener.

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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