Samsung Gear VR Teardown Summary

Throughout the entire teardown process, we discovered 24 pieces DELTA PT16x4.5 mm pan head self-tapping screws, 10 pieces brass made M1.4 threaded insert, 7 pieces metric profile thread screws and one brass made M1.6 threaded insert in the device.
Below are certain alternatives featuring several PEM® fasteners that can help achieve better functionality and cost savings.

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

microPEM® Screws

PennEngineering can provide all of the DELTA PT16 x 4.5 mm pan head self-tapping
screws with different design solutions. PEM has license with Torx®, Torx Plus® driver and self-tapping thread patent such as
TAPTITE®, FASTITE®, REMFORM®, and REMFORM “F” ®, PT® and Delta PT® (Zinc and Nickel plating).

TackSert® Fasteners

The TackSert fastener can provide a higher performance, cost saving alternative solution
to replace either self-tapping screws or metal inserts that go into plastic.
TackSerts and Type provide an excellent alternative way to achieve savings in operating cost and improve efficiency in applications.


Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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