The StickScrew® System – StickScrew FlexArm

Assembly work has always been one of the most labor-intensive areas in any manufacturing environment. The productivity of the work force is often the difference between profit and loss for the entire operation. The STICKSCREW® FlexArm is an affordable tool developed to increase the speed and productivity of the operator. This device holds the StickShooter driver in the proper vertical orientation to help the operator make flawless installations. Benefits include increased control and safety along with more comfortablehandling.

Together, the STICKSCREW system and the FlexArm support device will maximize productivity, reduce costs, minimize waste and improve the quality of your assemblies.

StickScrew Flexarm
Some of the benefits include:

  • Because the STICKSCREW driver is mounted on the FlexArm, there is less chance of damage to the actual driver from dropping and mishandling.
  • By reducing the repetitive force on the operator, the STICKSCREW FlexArm allows a higher level of consistent quality to be maintained.
  • The operator can position the driver to the part more accurately, reducing the chance of damaging, misalignment or scrapping of the part during assembly.
  • Streamlining of the entire installation process, therefore increasing productivity.